Do you feel things so deeply and you need an outlet to express yourself fully and be seen? Do you want your music and/or art to connect and heal the masses? Are you ready to leave toxic behaviors behind to rise up and shine?

If you're committed to stepping into your full power and want the tools to get there, then the Academy of Artists is the answer to your prayers. 

If you're ready to look at the parts of yourself that need to be healed so you can make a massive impact in the world, then you are here for a reason. This is your divine assignment, to heal and share your gifts with the masses.

This program is going to provide you with tools and support for your rising. 

Academy of Artists is an eight-week online coaching experience founded with the intention to bring more joy into the world by empowering its members to cultivate unconditional self-acceptance and increase confidence and self-worth to pursue their passions fully. 

Through meditation + breathwork practices, journaling, costumes, and movement, we will release subconscious limiting beliefs, build confidence, and tap into your inner creative genius. The embodiment of these practices will provide you with a toolbox to thrive in all areas of your life. 

By the end of eight weeks, you’ll be on a fast-track to confidently pursue your dreams, filled with unconditional self-love and in alignment with your greater purpose. 

Are you ready to step into the next version of you?

I'm so in for this.

Live Coaching Calls

8 weeks of live coaching calls with lifetime access to provide you with a spiritual toolbox to help you pursue your dreams with confidance.

Breathwork & Meditation 

Learn six different breathwork techniques and implement them into your daily routine to overcome anxiety and fear to live your best life.

Weekly Dance Parties

We will be doing dance embodiment practices, body movement to release trauma from the body, and weekly zoom dance parties to have fun!

Shadow Work

We will be facing our shadows head-on and use journal prompts, dancing, and meditation to love all parts of our being.

Confidence Building 

Through embodiment exercises and journaling, we will overcome limiting beliefs, hold boundaries, and stick to our word to increase our self-esteem and confidence.

Community + Support

There will be a private Facebook group & Voxer walker-talkie support to lift each other up and connect.


 Are you an artist, musician or creative and you want to share your gifts with the world at a greater level?

Are you ready to dive into Breathwork + Meditation and create a daily practice for yourself?

Are you someone who is going to show up for themselves and be open and willing to learn new practices that will help you RISE UP?

Are you ready to look at your shadows and understand why they keep showing up so you can make peace with them so you can have more joy in your days?

Are you ready to alchemize your fears to make you fierce?

Are you ready to transform your life so you can share your gifts with the masses?

Are you Ready to be your most confident self?

Let me teach you the tools I use daily to align my energy to my true purpose. Learn breathwork + meditation practices, journal prompts for self-discovery, embodiment exercises to activate your next level self and face your shadows with a community of people ready to LIFT you up. 



Michelle Wu

"Rachel is an absolutely amazing coach to work with! She helped me unleash my creativity and face my fears! I was SO afraid to put myself out there on social media, but through Rachel's exercises and dance parties, I became more comfortable and confident showing up! She not only has amazing energy, but she truly does care about each and every one of her clients. Rachel was so personal from the time I met her, often checking in, sending me voice notes, and always offering words of encouragement when the doubts started to creep in. Working with Rachel one on one has helped me create my first workshop and launch my own one on one program. If you have been thinking about working with a coach, I highly suggest working with Rachel. I feel so confident in my business and facing my fears after working with Rachel."

Cassidy Robinson

This course provides a lot of great emotional perspectives. It will help you let go of anything not serving you and become aware of limiting beliefs that you may not even be aware of. Rachel also does a great job of walking you through several mediations that reinforce her teachings and left me feeling freed of past emotional hardships and even crying tears of joy at one point. She breaks the course down to setting your goals in the beginning, leads you through powerful meditations in the middle of allows you to reflect on all that’s not serving you or blocking your love in the end, letting you use both your heart and mind together. I highly recommend this course! I recommend it more so if you’re not sure why you’re not attracting the love you deserve or want to become more present and aware and in love with your daily life.

(from the Expand Your Love Course)

Your Best LIFE awaits

I'm ready to dive deeper into meditation + breathwork practices, and I'm committed to embodying the version of me that has it all. 



What can I expect from these calls?

You can expect a safe space with you, me, and our community getting deep into breathwork, meditation, declaring your desires, alchemizing your fears, facing your shadows, and lots of support. I’ll be teaching each session with some Q&A at the end and a private FB group & Voxer support for more questions. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

While I fully believe in my heart that these practices will change your life, as they have helped me connect to my intuition, trust myself and become my most confident self, it is entirely up to you for your results. By committing to the daily practice of these tools, I know you will begin to see magical changes in yourself and the world around you.

What is the format of the calls?

You and me and our community over Zoom for 8 weeks of live group calls. There will be weekly dance parties available and optional outside of the coaching sessions and one session where we will be dancing with our demons using our costumes. Each week I will teach you on a topic that will help you develop your connection to yourself and build up your confidence. I am going to teach you the tools and practices that I use to live my best life and we are going to be having a lot of FUN in the process!

How long do I get access to these trainings?

You'll get lifetime access to all eight calls and any bonuses and lifetime access to the private FB group for any future groups that join. 

I’m new to Spirituality, is this for me?

YES! Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, you can benefit so deeply from the practices I will be teaching inside this container. All of what we are learning can be applied to your everyday life for you to overcome fear, build confidence, and understand yourself better so you can live out your dreams to the fullest.

What is your refund policy?

Trust me - you're not going to want one. But life happens so if you feel this training isn't for you, email [email protected] within 48 hours of your purchase.