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Are you ready to step into your NEXT LEVEL self? The version of you that has it all? That believes in all that you are and never doubts your desires? That is filled with so much joy and love that others are drawn to your magnetic energy?

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Academy of Artists Group Coaching

Are you an artist, musician, and/or creative individual and want to increase your levels of confidence so you can rise up? Are you ready to show up in the world in service of your gifts and share your message with the masses, but need tools to overcome fear and your belief in your own worthiness? I understand the feeling and I want to help teach you the tools to be able to pursue your dreams with confidence. 

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5-Day Meditation Challenge

Life is all about feeling alive. Meditation has helped me feel peaceful, abundant, grateful, and creative in even the darkest times. I hope you enjoy this free gift of guided meditations to connect you to your spirit and awaken your soul.

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I want to see YOU shine.

Hi friends! I’m Rachel Frank, a Southern California based spiritual FUN coach, That Fucking Panda, founder of ListenSD, and a certified meditation + breathwork teacher. I believe I was put on this planet to raise the vibration of joy and love. 

Through my own transformational journey of overcoming depression, unraveling past traumas, and switching self-destructive behavior and negative thought patterns to living my best life and having unconditional love for myself, I’m on a mission to open and fill up the hearts of all the beautiful souls that come into my life. 





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